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Sell a story to the newspapers

Blowing-the-Whistle helps people to sell their story to newspapers and magazines. Large sums of money can be paid out for information that is of public, national or international interest.


Blowing the whistleMake money from information

We will find the most appropriate means for whistleblowers to discreetly disclose information to the press. We seek; employees, politicians and members of the public who want to blow the whistle to expose injustice or wrong-doing.

Note: If you are blowing the whistle on malpractice or wrongdoing in the workplace, and are not seeking to gain financially, we recommend that you contact the charity Public Concern at Work (www.pcaw.co.uk) they provide confidential and practical advice on how to raise a concern and minimise any risk to yourself. Their website and their telephone helpline provide this advice – 0207 404 6609.

They are unable to give you advice on employment law or represent you legally. However, they will ensure your details remain confidential and are not disclosed to your Employer if you talk to them.

If, on the other hand, you are seeking to make money from the information that you have then please visit our 'contact page' and we can help you to sell your story to the newspapers. Large sums of money can be paid out for information especially if it has public, national or international Blowing the whistleinterest.

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